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Fire Detection Alarm

ADT Security Service, Woodbridge, ON, Tel: 800-664-4715, Fax: 800-664-4715, email
ADT Pulse is more than just wireless home security. This interactive smart home solution combines home automation, thermostat and light control, and video surveillance in one.

Advantech America, Milpitas, CA, Tel: 888-576-9668, Fax: 408-519-3898, email
Intelligent Operator Panels Enabling Flexible Connectivity Through Powerful Solution-oriented Software.

Asbury Carbon, Asbury, NJ, Tel: (908) 537-2155, Fax: (908) 537-2908, email
products for use in wide range of industrial applications around the globe, including friction materials, lubricants, fuel cells, cast metals, drilling, paints, coatings, and backfill.

Best Access Systems Co., Mississauga, ON, Tel: 905-625-6941, Fax: 905-625-6350, email
For almost 80 years BEST product line has built a reputation as a premiere provider of high quality mechanical access solutions featuring the interchangeable core and masterkey system.

Corrpro Companies, Inc., Houston, TX , Tel: (330) 723-5082, Fax: 713-460-6060 , email
Provider of cathodic protection systems and engineering services and offers corrosion solutions for every industrial market including pipeline, refinery, above and underground storage tanks.

Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc., Houston, TX, Tel: (713) 983-7117, Fax: (713) 983 8858, email
Cathodic protection design and supply for new & existing assets, using galvanic & impressed current systems.

Dickson Co., Addison, IL, Tel: 630-543-3747, Fax: 630-543-0498, email
Dickson is a leading manufacturer of data loggers and chart recorders used to measure and record your critical temperature, humidity, pressure, and voltage data.

Fire-Lite Alarms, Northford, CT, Tel: 203-484-7161, Fax: 203-484-7118, email
Fire , Smoke, Detection and Alarm, Basic Mechanical Materials and Methods., Vancouver, BC, Tel: 866-800-8060, Fax: 866-800-8060, email
The Pelco DX8116-1000A 16-Channel Digital Video Recorder features: The Choice for Professional Security.

Gamewell-FCI, Northford, CT, Tel: 203-484-7161, Fax: 203-484-7118, email
Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell combines tradition and technology through a rich history of industry firsts and innovation in developing fire alarm systems.

Honeywell International Inc., Morristown, NJ, Tel: 973-455-2000 , Fax: 973-455-4807, email
Security Access, Video CCTV, HVAC Control Systems, Utility Control, Fire Detection and Alarm.

ISIMET LLC, Naples, TX, Tel: 903-897-0737, Fax: 903-897-0740, email
Primary objective of our control system is to promote safety for the student as well as the instructor in the science laboratory learning environment.

JG Innovations Inc., Janesville, WI, Tel: 608-314-8710, Fax: 608-314-8712, email
Manufacturer of Conductors and Cables, Building Wire and Cable, Wiring Devices, Floor, Table and Wall Boxes, Power, audio, video, telecommunications and data devices, Switches and Circuit Breakers.

Johnson Controls, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, Tel: 805-582-3166, Fax: 805-582-7888, email
Building Efficiency is a leading provider of equipment, controls and services for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and security systems.

Joslyn Clark Controls, Inc., Lancaster, SC, Tel: 803-286-8491, Fax: 803-286-6624, email
Our AC and DC contactors, medium voltage controllers, medium voltage vacuum contactors and combination starters are used in some of the most extreme industrial environments in the world.

Kanepi Innovations, Grand Haven, MI, Tel: 616-844-3103, Fax: 616-846-2144, email
Kanepi Innovations provides the only truly wireless, fully flexible mesh network that enables you to monitor and control lighting and other building assets remotely, securely and effortlessly.

Karl Dungs, Inc., Blaine, MN, Tel: 763-582-1700, Fax: 763-582-1799, email
Dungs is the system partner for gas safety and control technology. We offer cross-system expertise, advanced quality and trend-setting innovation.

KMC Controls, Inc., New Paris, IN, Tel: 574-831-5250, Fax: 574-831-5252, email
Our innovations include pneumatic and electronic control devices for (HVAC) applications; a complete line of fully programmable digital hardware and intuitive software.

Lightstat, Inc., Winsted, CT, Tel: 860-738-4111, Fax: 860-738-4123, email
Lightstat Inc manufactures and sells innovative energy-saving thermostats, lighting controls, and load control modules.

Linear LLC, Carlsbad, CA, Tel: 760-438-7000, Fax: 800-468-1340, email
Linear is a leader in the development, manufacture, and world-wide distribution of electronic and electro-mechanical components and systems. wireless, radio control, central vacuum, security system, garage door operator, gate operator, Linear LLC and more

LOYTEC Americas Inc., Dallas, TX, Tel: 262-309-7143, Fax: 973-243-6886, email
Utility Controls..etc.

Lynxspring, Inc., Lee's Summit, MO, Tel: 816-347-3500, Fax: 816-347-0780, email
Leader in web based automation technology, open modular control platforms, and device-to-enterprise integration solutions.

MAPA Products, Naples, TX, Tel: 903-897-2371, Fax: 903-897-2781, email
Manufacturer of Conductors and Cables, Building Wire and Cable, Wiring Devices, Floor, Table and Wall Boxes, Power, audio, video, telecommunications and data devices, Switches and Circuit Breakers.

MATCOR, Doylestown, PA, Tel: 215-348-2974, Fax: 215-348-2699, email
Experienced providers of corrosion technology. We provide comprehensive design and engineering services and total cathodic protection solutions worldwide.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., Schaumburg, IL, Tel: 847.576.5000, Fax: 847.576.5000, email
Protect lives. Coordinate response. Complete a mission. Whether you are a local, state or federal government agency you need reliable communications you can depend on to get the job done.

Mssa Inc., Tulsa, OK, Tel: 918.627.3188, Fax: 918.627.2676, email
MESA offers a complete range of pipeline integrity services, from engineering to assessment to remediation.

Nortec., Ogdensburg, NY, Tel: 866-667-8321, Fax: 613-822-7964, email
The first manufacturer to offer seismic compliant humidifiers. All of our compliant humidifiers have achieved the highest seismic rating possible making

NOTIFIER, Northford, CT, Tel: 203-484-7161, Fax: 203-484-7118, email
Intelligent fire alarm systems, digital voice evacuation, conventional fire alarm control panels.

NW Systems Group, Armonk, NY, Tel: 888-813-2267, Fax: 888-813-6465, email
VSaaS is an easy, smarter way to manage your IP cameras. It is a hosted platform, meaning that viewing, recording, playback and alert management is all done via the web.

Performance Wire and Cable, Camden, NY, Tel: 315-245-2594, Fax: 315-245-2595, email
The cathodic protection wire is extremely resistant to corrosion and is engineered to work optimally in a water-submerged environment.

Plexus, Neenah, WI, Tel: 920-722-3451, Fax: 920-751-5395, email
single, integrated, fully accountable partner, we deliver optimized Product Realization solutions that take your products from conceptual design to sustaining services.

Preferred Instruments, Danbury, CT, Tel: 203-743-6741, Fax: 203-798-7313, email
Manufactures microprocessor based controllers, instruments, and electric actuators for combustion and process applications.

Roxul Inc., Milton, ON, Tel: 905-878-8474, Fax: 905-878-8077, email
The world's leading producer of stone wool, which is a stone fiber based insulation made from natural stone and recycled content.

Siemens Industry Inc., Florham Park, NJ, Tel: 973-593-2600, Fax: 973-593-6670, email
Cathodic protection, detection and alarm, fuel detection and alarm, fire protection, building services piping, fire protection piping, refrigerant monitoring systems, telephone and intercommunication equipment.

Smoke Guard Corp., Boise, ID, Tel: (208) 383-3789, Fax: (208) 383-3790, email
Smoke Guard provides innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke protection systems to fit any purpose and any opening in your building.

Southern Cathodic Protection Company, Atlanta, GA, Tel: (404) 252-4649, Fax: (404) 252-1824, email
Providing viable, cost efficient and effective corrosion control applications and pipeline integrity management.

Splunk Inc., San Francisco, CA, Tel: 415.848.8400, Fax: 415.568.4259, email
The nature of security threats has changed. The newest security threats are not detectable by rule and signature based systems or traditional Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEM).

TAC, Loves Park, IL, Tel: 815-637-3000, Fax: 815-637-5350, email
Leading global provider of components, systems, and services used in the appliance, heating, air conditioning, commercial cooking/refrigeration, and residential thermostat products.

Taco Inc., Cranston, RI, Tel: 401-942-8000, Fax: 401-942-2360, email
Leader in hydronic systems for residential and commercial building applications.

The ABB Group, Cary, NC, Tel: 203-750-2200, Fax: 203-750-2263, email
Technology plays a key role for ABB. We have seven research centers, 7,500 scientists and 70 university collaborations across the world â ¬  all working to develop unique technologies.

Trend Control Systems, Redmond, WA, Tel: 425-897-3900, Fax: 425-869-8445, email
Proven controllers designed for the most complex applications and supports any variation from a single stand-alone site to a network of up to 13,000 controllers.

Uniden America Corporation, Fort Worth, TX, Tel: 817-858-3300, Fax: 817-858-3300, email
Remotely access live video from up to 4 cameras anytime, anywhere via iPhone®, iPad®, Androidâ ˘ smart phones, tablets or PC.


























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